Best 8 Inch Subwoofer Reviews

Sometimes it is hard to choose the interior element of our vehicle to be added. The factors are related to the quality of material, the need and also the budget availability. In this case, we can discuss about the subwoofer. It is one of the sound system parts that will influence the final output of the sound in the car entirely. As we know there is 8 to 15 inch of subwoofer size that is available. We can choose one that we think will work best for our need. The use of best 8 inch subwoofer is basically enough for a medium or intermediate usage.

Advantages of 8 Inch Subwoofer

With the size of subwoofer which is not so large, you will experience so many advantages. We know that not all the things are needed to be huge. In choosing the subwoofer, you can maximize the function of 8 inch subwoofer. It has so many pros than any other subwoofer with the bigger size. It has special speakers that are producing less power. It means that you do not need to replace or upgrade any components of stereo system in your car.

All you need to do is to maximize their function to afford the need of the subwoofer. It will save your budget properly. The music that is performed by the small subwoofer is also better. It can even better than 12 inch subwoofer. It can produce a load and pounding bass sound. To make you pretty sure about the sound quality, you can bring the capability of this subwoofer into its maximum limit. The small sized subwoofer can also be placed anywhere in car because it has a very small size. It will not consume too much space inside. You can put it in the car trunk or even in the cabin if it is possible.

Top 3 8 Inch Subwoofer Reviews

#1. Acoustic Audio RWSUB-8

Acoustic Audio RWSUB 8Well, in giving you some recommended product of subwoofer with small size, there are some of the things that you should note. It is all about the specification of the subwoofer itself. To help you get the better product, you can choose Acoustic Audio RWSUB-8 as one of your choice. It has about 8 inch of down firing long. It has a special element which is called as the Poly Zirconium Cone. Basically this material will support a very spacious performance of the subwoofer especially when you want a powerful performance from this stuff. It is also one of the subwoofers that have energy efficiency. It has for about 150 watt RMS. The range of frequency that you will get is about 25 to 250 Hz. These frequencies are enough to give a very powerful performance of your sound system. To make you have better performance, there is also an advanced RFL bass reflex cabinet system instead.

#2. Polk Audio PSW111

Polk Audio PSW111Another recommended product of small sized subwoofer, you can consider the specification of Polk Audio PSW111. This is a subwoofer that has special compression of circuitry for making limit of distortion. This is good to keep the quality of the sound output especially when you want to enjoy high quality music in the medium volume. Although this product is crafted in small sized, it has a special non resonant system that can improve the sound quality. It also powered by using the internal bracing and also construction system which makes the subwoofer work well in any music genre that plays. To give the better power for the subwoofer, it will be powered by using 150 watt of continuous power. For the size, this subwoofer will take place for about 12 x 11 x 11 inches of size.

#3. Infinity Reference 860w

Infinity Reference 860wHave you decide the best subwoofer to be installed into the vehicle? If it does not do yet, you can check about Infinity Reference 860w. This is one of the subwoofers that have a spacious subwoofer system with peak power handling up to 1000 watt. Although the size is small enough, it will have a high efficiency polypropylene system that can comes with large sized roll rubber material. It will produce efficient sound with clean bass produce. The presence of pole pieces will also give a spacious cooling system in improving the work of the subwoofer power. You can also enjoy its modest mounting depth features. It can be used for any type of installation like sealed, ported and also band pass.