Best Subwoofer under 500 Reviews

The presence of good sound system in the car is one of the important factors that will be considered when someone is choosing the best vehicle to be ride. This is one of the aspects of car interior which need a proper selection especially to make sure that your riding experience is better time to time. One proper element of sound system that will ensure the output quality is the subwoofer. Sadly, we will need some budget to add the high quality one into the car. We can choose some subwoofer under 500 that will make the sound system of the car great without needed too much budget allocation.

Top 4 Subwoofer Under 500 Reviews

#1. SVS PB1000

SVS PB1000Some product review of subwoofer is hopefully can help you in decide one of the best products to be chosen. In this case, SVS PB1000 can be one of the greatest products that you can choose. It has so many specification and advantages that are not available in any other type of cheap and low priced subwoofer. The first aspect that you need to consider is the dimension and material of this subwoofer. It has an easy room integration that has premium finish material. It has a spacious grille around that makes the style is very remarkable. It has an affordable dimension and weight that makes the subwoofer is flexible to be placed anywhere. It also has an amazing performance from its presence of front firing with 10 inches of size. The subwoofer will be powered with its 300 watt of amp that has long throw suspension in its ferrite magnets with dual high grade system.

#2. Velodyne Impact-12

Velodyne Impact 12If you want another affordable and high powered subwoofer, Teledyne Impact-12 can be the best alternative that you can choose. It has a special design which is simple and powerful. It is also supported by its simple and valuable design so it is matched perfectly for any car cabin that you have. The subwoofer is supported by the presence of down firing port. It will give a very powerful sound with less distortion inside. These are the spacious thing that you need to have. You can even use this type of subwoofer out from the car cabin. It is also good for the home as well. The thing why you need to bring this one home is the presence of its 2 inch sized dual layer system. It is capable to make sure that the sound is having less distortion.

#3. Yamaha HS8 Studio

Yamaha HS8 StudioMost of the subwoofer design that are available on the market are only equipped with the standard case or cover. This type of design will not work effectively especially when you want to use the subwoofer in home. However when you want to use it in the car, it will not be a problem. One of the flexible design subwoofers that you can choose is Yamaha HS8. This is one of the best subwoofers that are ever made. It has phase switch system that will help you in having good performance. The presence of low cut switch in 80 to 120 Hz of frequency range. High control presence will also allow you to get the most spacious result as well. As one of the most wanted subwoofer, it has a special power of amplifier which is up to 150 Watt. It makes the output of the subwoofer is clean and heavy enough.

#4. Yamaha YST-FSW150BL

Yamaha YST FSW150BLTo make your car cabin decorating style is more remarkable, you can choose special type of subwoofer which has the special design as well. You can find them all from the presence of Yamaha YST-FSW150BL. This is a subwoofer which has a very sleek and exclusive design. If the other types of subwoofer are in cube, this one is available in the slim box. It has a rack mountable designs that make this stuff are really wanted. There are also so many technologies that are applied; they are the Yamaha Active Servo Technology II, the presence of down firing active design and many more. The power that is needed for maximizing the result is about 130 W. it is also supported by the presence of linear port. It will reduce and even reduce the extraneous noise that mostly appears in this type of subwoofer. You can add it into the car cabin that has a very limited space to store the subwoofer.